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Create randomized mutant animals. Do crimes. Battle RNGesus and his Angels. Maybe save the world.

You are Randimals, mutant flukes of evolution, bizarre combinations of animal attributes. The so-called “natural world” shuns you, viewing you as freaks: animals are terrified of you, humans treat you as either menaces to eliminate or test subjects to lock up in a lab.

Welcome nowhere, you stick to the shadows, resorting to petty crimes just to survive.

You’ve created a crew, because, you know, safety in numbers.

While working your last big job that will allow you all to retire for life, your crew runs into the followers of RNGesus, an unholy mad man bent on world domination. Now, you must fight off his Angels and defeat his plans if you want any hope of peace.

Feedback and/or playtesters welcome!

Email adam@therealadamgood.com


Randimals vs RNGesus Character Sheets.pdf 50 kB
Randimals vs RNGesus v.1.pdf 289 kB

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