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d20 conditions to receive in The Forest

Have the adventurers unknowingly camped in an ancient druid circle? 

Has someone been magically healed a little too close to a well-worn fairy crossing? Has the party slain an ancient and sacred creature? 

The Wood is strange and unknown. The Wood is ALIVE. 

Whenever players deal in magic, the mystic, or the sacred, there is the chance that the Old Powers of the Wood will interfere and inflict (or bestow?) a strange and wondrous condition of the Wood. 


Submitted to the Cairn: Forests of Another Name jam.

For use with Cairn (or any system)

Writing by STATIONS.

Layout by Sam Sorensen.

Art by Perplexing Ruins.


(You can get the table from the screenshot for free, but a buck or two will go straight into our fund for paying artists and layout designers for future projects!)

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