20 conditions for characters exploring The Forest
36 sample-based classes for bastards. and other rpgs
RPG classes created from music samples
A spellbook made with music samples
Sandbox for playing They Might Be Giants in Troika...
a sample-powered character generator
A generator of genders (or genderator, if you will)
Play in browser
Create character mashups from music samples.
Cool starship names, curated from music samples
characters randomly remixed from music samples
A quick 4-attribute character generator for rules-lite OSR.
Twelve 12-word RPGs
20 random adventure title adventure seeds.
Or 4d20 other ways to 
name your weapon
A GIF-based TTRPG of being Mary Tyler Moore and breaking out of a timeloop.
Create amazing characters from massive Spotify playlists.
Create random mutant animals. Do crimes.

4d20 Jam